Benefits of using AGIP-ENI engine oil

AGIP-ENI lubricants is a world-renowned and superior brand in engine oils and other oils to fuel up your car and pave the smooth way of your journey. AGIP-ENI lubricants is an Italian based lubricant industry, with 5 directly owned refineries across Italy to serve its customer base in a better and prospective way. AGIP-ENI lubricants is a leading brand in the refining sector and petroleum products distributor across Italy and other European states. Let’s have a glance at the benefits of using their products.

Refined engine oil

AGIP-ENI lubricants with refined engine oil variety make it possible to choose an adequate and trustworthy product for every type of vehicle ranging from small cars to sedans to SUVs or trucks and commercial vehicles. They design their products with an optimistic approach of innovation and research as well as a high level of performance throughout its expected replacement interval. AGIP-ENI lubricants have always been researching and innovation their engine oils to produce high-quality products and sustain their products for temperature and weather variations. They come up with a long list and well-structured engine oils that are formulated to lubricate the parts thoroughly and transmission systems of engines to sustain its parts while sliding contact. Not only this, but AGIP-ENI lubricants come up with every viscosity and grade variety that is suitable and needed for different types of engines. With high viscosity brands, it enhances and escalates engine performance and effectively adds additives to offer great lubrication with oil penetrating powers. Their high viscosity engine oils provide you with energy-conserving solutions that may efficiently control and channelize your fuel consumption. This way you can add up more miles with similar fuel capacity.

Synthetic base

AGIP-ENI engine oils with synthetic base and additives are equipped with proper detergent technology that prevents your engine from wear and tear and also prevents the accumulation of sludge or bad resins that may wither away the performance channel you are craving for. This way, their products prevent knocking sound and avoid corrosion of parts that are constantly in sliding contact with each other. If parts are not properly lubricated, they may initiate corrosion and wear that causes parts to perform with fewer intentions and lesser fuel efficiency. With long product range and different engine serving mechanisms, AGIP-ENI lubricants come up with products that are strategically designed to sustain in extreme weather conditions including hot temperature areas or quick start-stop traveling like city rides. Their engine oils also sustain in extremely cold conditions like in snow falling areas or extremely low temperatures. This way, you can perform with efficiency and sufficiency to sustain your engine and come up with an energized ride. Some additives used in AGIP-ENI engine oils integrate into the molecular structure to preserve a priori polishing of the crankshaft and sustain engine parts with due lubrication channels. You have to choose an engine oil according to the owner’s manual of your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of their products. You will surely love it with every smooth and energized ride.