Month: April 2020

Benefits of using AGIP-ENI engine oil

AGIP-ENI lubricants is a world-renowned and superior brand in engine oils and other oils to fuel up your car and pave the smooth way of your journey. AGIP-ENI lubricants is an Italian based lubricant industry, with 5 directly owned refineries across Italy to serve its customer base in a better and prospective way. AGIP-ENI lubricants is a leading brand in the refining sector and petroleum products distributor across Italy and other European states. Let’s have a glance at the benefits of using their products.

Refined engine oil

AGIP-ENI lubricants with refined engine oil variety make it possible to choose an adequate and trustworthy product for every type of vehicle ranging from small cars to sedans to SUVs or trucks and commercial vehicles. They design their products with an optimistic approach of innovation and research as well as a high level of performance throughout its expected replacement interval. AGIP-ENI lubricants have …

Auto Repair Henrietta NY: Maximizing Fuel Economy

The most effective and easiest way to improve the car’s fuel economy is to modify the driving habits of the car owners. In this article, we will provide recommendations and tips on how to save fuel while driving.

Minimize the cold engine operation of the vehicle – To save a lot of gasoline, start the vehicle’s engine and drive it normally to help warm the engine in its operating temperature a lot quicker.

Do conservative driving – Avoid at all cost “jackrabbit” engine starts, hard braking and rapid acceleration. It can lower the fuel usage by at least 15% to 30% at highway speed and at least 10% to 40% in heavy or stop-and-go traffic.

Efficient gear shifting – If your vehicle uses manual transmission, shifting gears as soon as practical. When planning to stop, use the brakes instead of downshifting to help slow down the vehicle. Visit to …