I Seem to Be Dating a Rich Girl

I would not have known it if I had not been paying attention. She does not show it all, in fact she dresses like a farmer and drives an old pick up truck. It is like a 20 year old Toyota Hi Lux, which she says is great because you can fix it yourself. She knows way more about what goes on under the hood than any guy that I know. Her father does AC installation in NYC and her uncle owns a place that repairs cars. She seems to have learned everything that both of them knows and she must have started this business that she has when she was barely a teenager. Her father told me that she fixed up a place that belonged to one of her great aunts and rented it out when she was in high school. I am not really going to be nosey about it, so I am not really sure how much stuff she owns.

So far I have helped her at about a dozen different properties. She taught me how to replace a toilet at this single family residence on Long Island. When we showed up the kids there started to go crazy and acted as though Santa had come to visit them with a big bag of presents. Actually we just replaced the seal under the toilet. It was not hard at all and I suppose you could learn to do it if you went on Youtube and figured out from watching the videos. At any rate she is doing this sort of thing pretty much every day it would seem, but not all of the time she is doing it at places that she owns. Other people apparently pay her to manage the places that they own as well.