Preparing for a CBT test

Preparing for a CBT test (compulsory basic test) is you first step taken into a new and exciting world of two-wheeled transport.

Even though the world and its technologies have improved exponentially and with speed unexperienced in any field, so have the designs and technology in designing the two-wheeled safety gear, helmets, Kevlar clothing, and even leather jackets and suits to the boots and knee pads.

With this been said it is still a huge consideration as far as other road users are concerned with safety towards the two-wheeled riders.

the CBT test is there to make you the two-wheeled rider safer on the road and to make sure you get from point A to Z in one piece.

There are five sections in the exam including riding theory and road safety skills.

The best way to succeed in this exam or even putting it into practice, once done, is to know beforehand what the CBT entails.


It usually takes a full day to complete as it is made up of five sections.
*eyesight exam
*on-site training
*on the road training
*on the road riding


This test is self-explanatory as it explains why you need to take this test, what the result will mean as far as what you can ride, and the rest of the day’s timeline.

You will also be expected to complete some forms and have your license checked as well as your eyesight.

They will then discuss the legal requirements of riding a two-wheeled bike.

One advantage is that if you arrive without any of the gear required. they will temporally kit you out there.


you and the trainer will talk a walk to an open space where the bike will be and you will get to know the how’s and where’s of the bike as well as taking a walk while pushing the bike to get the feel of the weight, balance and it’s movements.

you will also get to practice using the side stand.


once the trainer feels you are ready to proceed and comfortable with the bike, he or she will then allow you to mount the bike and start it up.

You will then be watched closely as you ride in straight lines, round corners, and curves as well as starting and stopping.

Most likely you will be given a figure of eight test circuit to go through to test your skills in balancing and gearing of the bike.


Once you have mastered the figure of eight and open space circuits you will then be ready to proceed to the on-road theory section of the test.

This will be the same as a classroom situation but instead of a teacher there will be an instructor teaching you about:


This is one of the most exciting parts of the whole test as you ready yourself for actually going out on the road.

Your helmet will be equipped with two-way radios (Bluetooth mostly) that connects to your instructor who will be riding behind you and will give you your instructions.

this part of the test usually lasts about two hours as the instructor observes you riding ability, control of the bike as well as your understanding the road rules for a safe ride.

Now that you are aware of what you will go through and to Preparing for a CBT test, you can safely go book your appointment telephonically at London Motorcycle Training Centre.